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About Us - Alberto & Nicolò


Anguri Italian Special because:

- Anguri, anguri which in venetian slang means “green lizard”, green as the famous Moto Guzzi V7 Sport of the early '70 which Alberto likes a lot;

- Italian, because we put creativity in each project and also a bit of foolishness which is particular in us Italians, in everything we realise;

- Special, because everything we make, from the simpler to the more complex, must be unique and special.


Alberto , despite being young, has always been in the world of motors with a lot of experience behind him, first in the world of racing preparations and restorations, then on 4 wheels in the off-road world. In the meantime, in his job experience he also approaches the world of metal processing, from carpentry to the world of mechanical processing. He is the one who makes everything work, who invents and creates any unique piece for our projects or some strange tool. Motors have no secrets for him and being passionate about electronics, he juggles without problems even in that field. Let's call it the practical part of the duo.

About Us - Alberto
About Us - Nicolò

Nicolò comes from a technical education and then a technical working life too, so calculations, technical drawings, 3D modeling and prototyping are his field. Always passionate about the American and Japanese Custom world, from a very young age he experimented with his ideas on the bikes we passed on to him. Creative soul, a continuous forge of ideas that Alberto tries to rearrange and implement.


Thanks to a mutual friend, Alberto and Nicolò, they know and understand "that they are made for each other", so they immediately decide to join forces and collaborate to CREATE . Taking up the name Anguri which means "Green Lizard", shy little animals, like them, do not like selfies on social media or glossy covers so you will hardly see them at parties, fairs or contests; more likely you can find them at any time locked up in their workshop to make some strange contraption. Their passion is REALIZE, CREATE with their hands, whatever it is. Also for this reason they range in all fields of the world of mechanics: rebuilding engines, making metal or aluminum bodywork, making frames and forks and accessories. Now they have launched into this new challenge the creation of accessories with a unique design that will make your bikes real Specials.

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