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Suzuki GSX 750E '81

A bike that quickly became famous for its performance when it was released, the 1981 Suzuki GSX 750E is our starting base for this custom.
Revised the rear frame, repositioned the tank, built the single-seat tail where the electrical system is hidden,
revised the suspensions and then improved to load the weight on the front.
The engine has been overhauled after many years of inactivity and also the carburetion has been revised, due to the adoption of sports air filters
and an exhaust with 4-in-1 headers and racing silencer.
Rear sets, ribbed single-seat saddle, handlebars and minimal handlebar controls make the ride of this Suzuki very sporty.

Suzuki GSX 750E '81
Suzuki GSX 750E '81
Suzuki GSX 750E '81
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